This wine is fruit of the best vines from sv.Lucia, st. Roko, and St. Ante vineyards, in the best vintages; cherished, raised and kept with love, to be put on your table, and grant You with the moments of pure pleasure.

Every berry that is in this wine passed through our hands, and we have chosen only the best ones for these bottles. After that, grape continues its metamorphosis from juice to wine in specially selected barrique barrels to cultivate its noble and rare aromas. It matures in precious oak, shaping the silky ripe tannins, and providing You with the experience of true premium wine. When it attains the aromatic profile we want, it is left alone to sleep in a bottle, made only for this wine, out of the dark glass with a pure platinum necklace around the neck. This wine is meant to be remembered, and bottle saved as a token, to remind us about the moments of happiness it is meant to complete.

By opening this bottle, You open our hearts. Inside it lays a lot of work, sleepless nights, love and passion, and our pride.
This wine is so special for us, that we made it its destiny to make this world a slightly better place for the kids. All earnings from this wine are given to kids without proper parental care.

We are honored to put it on the tableā€¦
Ivana & Ernest