When visiting the peninsula of Pelješac, this miraculously preserved wonder of Mediterranean nature and culture, you can easily get the feeling that someone placed you into the scene of an old movie Maybe the clocks were stopped here, somewhere in the times without smartphones and constant rush. It is just what your soul needed.

In these beautiful vineyards, all done by hand, because Nature does not allow machines in Dingač, you slowly get the picture what these wines are all about. They are all about sun, sea, stone and really hard work. Yet every drop is worth it. Now that you are in vineyard, you are put into the “Pelješac mode”, ready to visit the winery.

“Vinaria”, what we call our Saints Hills winery, is an old stone house in a little village of Oskorušno. This house actually used to be a winery, but its owners went on a quest for better life over the ocean, leaving their winery to sleep for 80 years. We believe it was waiting for us to breath in a new life for her, so we decided to leave the old stones untouched. They withhold the story of tradition. The modern part of story is however, for the guest yet to discover.

The “Treasury” room is maybe the best way to meet our wine. This is where we keep all our vintages produced. You can see the development over the years, and in different vineyards. And take your time. This room will take you to wine-wonderland…

This story is also followed by the food we serve in our restaurant. All ingredients are fresh and local, we grow our own vegetable and spice garden. Dishes tend to follow Dalmatian traditional recipes made with a little twist from our Chef. Food we serve brings new perspective to our wines, and together it performs a feast to guests taste-buds.

“Vinaria” is also a place to stay, with couple of luxury rooms made to meet high expectations of our guests, and to spoil them, fulfilling the experience of this old stone house with everything a modern person needs.

After a visit to “Vinaria” with full batteries and refreshed soul, our guests bring with them beautiful memories, and a reservation to come back very soon…