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Peljesac (Croatia)


TUE – SUN : 12:00 – 19:00


“Vinaria”, what we call our Saints Hills winery, is an old stone house in a little village of Oskorušno. This house used to be a winery, but its owners went on a quest for a better life over the ocean, leaving their winery to sleep for 80 years. We believe it was waiting for us to breathe in a new life for her, so we decided to leave the old stones untouched. They withhold the story of tradition. The modern part of the story is, however, for the guest yet to discover.


In this special room, we keep the treasure of all vintages we made. Maybe this is the best way to tell the story about our wine. You can see the development over the years, as well as aging potential.
It is a place where the time goes by slowly, and it should be enjoyed in that manner.

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Dear Guest,
We are happy to welcome You in our beautiful Vinaria. We will be open from 12:00 – 19:00 every day except Mondays.

To book a tasting and tour, please contact us on, or call +385993698004
One day in advance would be great, but we will do our best to fit You at any time.

tasting experience

Bubbly & White Trio

Experience Posh, Frenchie & Mala Nevina.

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tasting experience

Red Temptation

Experience St. Heels, St. Roko, Dingač.

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tasting experience

El Classico

Experience Posh, Mala Nevina, St. Heels, St. Roko, Dingač.

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tasting experience

In the Sky with Diamonds

Experience Sin or Ernest Tolj Dingač or any available bottle from the archive by choice.

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(serving for 2 people)Dalmatian Tappas & More

Besides this, we are happy to open any bottle You desire, and we have, of course. In case You get hungry while tasting, we will prepare some mouthwatering Dalmatian tapas.

Smokey Dancing Pig

local smoked ham (prosciutto), accompanied with all homemade pancetta, lombo and salami, some veggies from our garden and freshly baked bread from our Kike

Cow, Sheep & Goat, also Dancing

cheese tapas from the island of Pag, three kinds: cow, sheep and goat, olives..with freshly baked bread from our Kike

The Dance Party

both of the above combined: prosciutto, pancetta, lombo, three kinds of cheese, veggies such as tomatoes, olives, and freshly baked bread from our Kike

culinary experience

Kikes tasting Menu

3 courses

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culinary experience

Kikes tasting Menu

5 courses

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Feel the spiritHow to reach us

After a visit to “Vinaria” with full batteries and refreshed soul, our guests bring with them beautiful memories, and a reservation to come back very soon…