Saints Hills for Kids

ERNEST TOLJ THE IDEAAbout the Charity Project

As we were making our Dingač, we learned that sometimes we get something that is even more special, and it makes magic in the barrel. It was a very small quantity of wine and we vinified it separately and saved it under a special name: Ernest Tolj Dingač. This wine is truly personal, for us it has no price. Each berry that got into the barrel went through our fingers, and these particular berries decided to perform wonder. It is a few hundred bottles of love each year, and we decided to share it with the world, with a special task: to make it a better place.

HOW TODonate & Help

Your donations are more than just financial contributions; they are the threads that weave the tapestry of happiness for these kids in need. Join us on this heartwarming journey and let’s make a world of difference, together.